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Helping Mothers Express Themselves and Feel Confident With Infant Feeding

About Me

Hi there!

I'm Sarah Lang, a Licensed Practical Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in Parkland County. I have been working as a Postpartum nurse since 2018 in various Edmonton hospitals. I am passionate about newborn and maternity care, as well as providing education to my clients about infant feeding. As someone who works day-to-day with new Mothers and families, I understand and see first hand how caring for a newborn comes with many questions and uncertainties.

My goal is to provide you with support and information that is evidence based and free of any judgement, and be the assistance you need to alleviate the stresses of parenthood.

I have you covered...

-Prenatal education and preparation for the fourth trimester

-Positions and techniques to achieve a deep latch for effective feedings

-Assisting to remedy nipple pain, blocked ducts, mastitis, and other breast health concerns

-Latch assessments and adjustments, assessment of infant oral anatomy

-How & when to use a breast pump

-Correct flange fitting for your pump

-Breast care for the non-breastfeeding parent

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What I Offer

In Home

Prenatal Consultation

option for virtual/ telephone

In Home

Consultation and Follow-up


Pump Operation and Flange Fitting


Prenatal Consultation

Talking with a lactation consultant prior to giving birth is a wonderful way to get feeding off to a good start. This consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss feeding goals and preferences, address any questions or concerns, and learn more about infant feeding and what to expect when your newborn arrives. This individualized consultation is beneficial for any expecting parent, and I will provide you with resources following your time with me, as well as a digital care plan. Also included is unlimited text and email support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. As prenatal education encompasses many different topics, this consultation is designed to prepare you for the arrival of your newborn and increase your confidence and awareness around infant feeding.

200$ Investment

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In-Home Initial Postpartum Consultation

This appointment is 90 minutes, as I work with you to discuss your feeding goals, observe a feeding, provide suggestions to help you achieve your infant feeding goals, and create a care plan for you to use for future reference. This consultation will give you the opportunity to ask questions, address any concerns you have, and have one-on-one assistance. Following your time with me, you will be provided with a digital care plan, as well as two weeks of unlimited text and email support.

175$ Investment

In-Home Follow-up

This appointment is for existing clients, or clients who have had a prenatal consultation with me. During this time I will address any new or additional concerns you may have, and provide you with suggestions, tips, and tools that can help to maintain your goals for infant feeding. An updated care plan will be provided to you following our time together.

120$ Investment

Phone Consultations

This 30 minute phone appointment is for clients who would like the convenience of on-the-go support. We can discuss additional or existing issues, and update your plan of care as needed.

50$ Investment

ZOOM APPOINTMENTS 75$/hour Investment

Insurance Coverage

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At this time I do not direct bill. Payment can be made via e-transfer to prairiebabylactationab@gmail.com. As all insurance plans are different, please check with your provider if my services are covered. Out of pocket fees may apply.

Where You Can Find Me...

Currently I am based out of Parkland County and I am available to travel to areas such as Edmonton, St. Albert, Morinville, Onoway, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont, and more. For clients outside of these areas, or if you do not see your area listed, please contact me directly to set up an appointment.

To book a consultation, please send me an email to prairiebabylactationab@gmail

**Please note that a travel fee of 25$ is applied

to any consult that is located 30 minutes outside of

the Stony Plain/Spruce Grove Area.**


Navigating information surrounding infant feeding and postpartum care can be overwhelming.

Here you can find a list of helpful, reliable, and accurate resources that I utilize in my practice. These can assist you to find answers to questions that are evidence-based, and backed by research.

Contact Me

For all other appointment inquiries, or questions about my services please contact me via email.

Sarah Lang


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